ESG training

Obtaining a professional ESG certification from IASE is the best way for people to continue their professional growth and contribute to sustainable change in companies and in society as a whole.


The Environment & Sustainability School is delighted to present our online training in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), which is designed to help trainees to prepare for IASE (International Association for Sustainable Economy) certifications. These certifications cover the ESG training required for financial institutions and companies in all sectors.

Global and international Approach

The Exponential Education online ESG training programme is designed to be useful for professionals and anyone interested in aspects relating to sustainability from anywhere in the world. To this end, the syllabus reflects the vision and practical experience of professional trainers, who have implemented ESG projects across five continents. The teachers and trainers for the programme hail from more than 20 different countries.

Online Educational Technology

At Exponential Education, we use the latest educational technology to ensure that the training process is equipped with the resources needed to improve our trainees’ learning experience. This includes cutting-edge LMS (Learning Management Systems), high-quality audiovisual resources, ongoing monitoring of all users, incorporation of artificial intelligence systems into the educational process, etc.

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