To provide high-quality online training on a range of ESG topics for professionals and anyone interested in the subject to supply them with the knowledge needed to improve their performance at work, helping to accelerate the transition towards greater sustainability at the organisations where they are employed.


Our online ESG courses are divided into four clearly differentiated modules:

A general overview of the current international ESG context, as well as the background to climate change and the key factors involved in it, with a particular emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main aspects of the sustainability strategies adopted by companies and financial institutions will be covered, in order to then address the key aspects of the effects of climate change, followed by topics relating to energy efficiency.

An examination of all aspects relating to the environment, climate change, green transition and sustainable finance. Accordingly, this module looks at the background and history of aspects linked to green transition, to then address the opportunities that adequate management brings to the business and financial sector enabling institutions to evolve towards a much more sustainable model. Likewise, aspects linked to the measurement of ESG ratings and the most suitable mechanisms for setting carbon prices are dealt with. In addition, the module analyses the current role of consumers and their positive view of those companies that have responsible ESG-compatible policies.

An analysis of crucial social issues, including: social pillars, the importance of introducing social and gender standards in companies and financial institutions, the future challenges facing organisations in terms of gender equality, the importance of having adequate mechanisms to facilitate and foster gender equality in companies' management bodies, creating the ESG culture at companies, active engagement of employees with the ESG policies that are implemented, the importance of the social inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors of society, etc.

Multiple aspects related to organisation governance are tackled, such as: the importance of including ESG standards as central components of the governance model for all types of institutions; the analysis of the impact of regulation in connection with ESG which affects and will affect the future of organisations; the implementation of ESG factors in the organisation governance; as well as the involvement of shareholders in the corporate strategies of their respective companies.

Professional certifications

Exponential Education has been designated as an 'Academic Collaborating Entity' by IASE (International Association for Sustainable Economy), making it an 'Official Provider' of training for ESG certification.

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Teaching staff

Teaching staff was chosen for both their professional expertise and their teaching capacity, as attested to by the numerous courses they have taught in this subject area over the last few years. A balance has been sought between prestigious academics from internationally renowned universities, professionals from the Regulatory Sphere, senior managers from major companies with responsibilities in connection with sustainability, representatives of multilateral entities, business associations, specialist funds and official institutions, as well as personalities recognised for their know-how and implementation of ESG at banks and companies.

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The teaching staff at Exponential Education may undergo changes for reasons of force majeure.

Cursos Disponibles


Cursos disponibles



Una vez terminado el curso, si lo desea, puede acceder al examen de certificación IASE. El precio del curso NO incluye las tasas del examen (Puede consultar las condiciones del examen en la web de IASE


Nuestra metodología se centra en la combinación de recursos multimedia, contenido técnico detallado y actividades interactivas para ofrecer una experiencia de aprendizaje completa y efectiva.

Profesionales Expertos:

  • Los cursos son desarrollados por profesionales expertos en el campo de estudio, asegurando que el contenido esté actualizado y sea relevante para la práctica actual en el ámbito de ESG.


  • El curso se divide en sesiones, cada una abordando un tema específico relacionado con los criterios ambientales, sociales y de gobierno corporativo.

Contenido Multimedia:

  • Cada sesión incluye un video que presenta el contenido de manera visual y auditiva.

Nota Técnica:

  • Junto con el video, se proporciona una nota técnica detallada. Esta nota profundiza en los conceptos clave presentados en el video, proporcionando información adicional, ejemplos detallados y referencias para aquellos que deseen explorar más a fondo el tema.

Resumen de la Nota Técnica:

  • Para facilitar la revisión y consolidación del conocimiento, se proporciona un resumen de la nota técnica. Este resumen destaca los puntos clave y conceptos esenciales de la sesión.

Interactividad y Evaluación:

  • Se pueden incluir actividades interactivas, cuestionarios o discusiones en línea para fomentar la participación de los estudiantes y evaluar su comprensión del material.

Acceso en Diferido:

  • Los participantes pueden acceder a los materiales del curso en cualquier momento, lo que facilita el aprendizaje a su propio ritmo y desde cualquier ubicación.


  • Al completar satisfactoriamente todas las sesiones y evaluaciones, los participantes pueden recibir un certificado reconocido que respalda su conocimiento en temas ESG.

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